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Terrace Garden Designers and Outdoor Terrace Products, Delhi

Essential Tips For Choosing Outdoor Furniture Covers

Your terrace garden or lawn is an extension of your home. In order to enjoy the outdoors it definitely needs to be as comfortable as the indoors. There are several garden elements that can be incorporated to give an exotic and exclusive look to your terrace or garden. These garden products can range from installing an outdoor bar, furnishing the terrace with outdoor furniture, using a covered structure like pergola, bringing in greenery in the form of grass and vertical gardens or adding water elements like waterfalls and swimming pool.

All these elements require some degree of maintenance so that they have a long life. Same is the case for outdoor furniture. Weather you already have outdoor furniture or are planning to buy one what is important is purchasing outdoor furniture covers.

Outdoor furniture covers are an essential requirement which increases the durability and life of your garden furniture pieces. It keeps them clean and usable for years to come.

Here, we will be sharing a few tips on what factors should be kept in mind while purchasing outdoor furniture covers :

1. Durability

The material of the outdoor furniture cover is of utmost important. It is always recommended that high quality material should be the preference. The reason being that your outdoor furniture cover needs to withstand extreme temperatures and weather conditions specially when you are residing in a hot and humid climate. Garden furniture covers should be durable, UV Ray resistant and should not loosing it’s colour and texture so that they last for a longer time period. As terrace garden designers we recommend “Vinyl” outdoor furniture covers.

2. Water Resistant

This goes without saying. The main purpose of the outdoor furniture covers is to protect your garden furniture. Thus, they should be made of water proof materials. By water proof we mean that it should be able to withstand heavy rains and not just drizzles. The best waterproofing is likely to be found in vinyl covers. Vinyl allow water droplets to bead up and slide down the furniture cover before it has time to soak through. Durable polyester blends are also common, but be sure you don’t go for the cheapest one you find. More often than not, this cheap polyester ends up becoming brittle and then cracking.

3. Proper Size

As terrace garden designers we would suggest that you pay due attention to the size of the outdoor furniture cover. Where many times the cover are supposed to be “one-size-fits-all” still be careful with the choosing the right size. Be aware of the dimensions of your garden furniture so that you dont end up buying a small or extra large size cover. A small size will cause your trouble in covering the entire furniture and an extra large size would let in dust and dirt.

Each outdoor furniture piece has a different dimension and style which also needs to be kept in mind. Its always better to opt in for “Customised Outdoor Furniture Covers” which are made to order so that fit into the size of your furniture.

4. Soft Inside Backing

Choose an outdoor furniture cover with a soft inner cloth backing to ensure that the covers don’t rub against the outdoor furniture leading to unnecessary scratches.

5. Special Features

When buying outdoor furniture covers make sure they come along with some special and useful features such as elastic hems, Velcro, zipper, leg ties etc. These features makes it easy for you wrap around your furniture and keeping the cover in place. Also, its refrains the cover from getting blown away by strong winds.

6. Hemming and Stitching

These are small details which are mostly not given enough attention. A double sized seam on the edges of the cover not only makes it look visually appealing but also reduces the wear and tear of the cover as well as doesn't let the water sit on your outdoor furniture.


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