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Outdoor / Terrace Gazebo,pergola & machaan

Studio Machaan offers complete solution to your terrace garden needs. Our terrace garden designers offers exclusive terrace garden designs and outdoor garden / terrace products in Delhi. Our gazebo and pergola are a part of our exclusive range of outdoor products. 

Outdoor Roof Structure | Artistically Designed Customised Designs

Semi Covered Open Or Enclosed Sides | Different Styles 

Outdoor Garden & Terrace Products

A pergola is an outdoor roof structure supported on vertical pillars. Whereas a gazebo is a free standing garden feature with a covered or semi covered roof.  Gazebo and Pergolas not only give shade to outdoor terrace sitting areas but also make an attractive garden element for your terrace. 


If you are looking for  pergola and gazebo designers in Delhi then Studio Machaan is the place for you. As terrace garden designers Studio Machaan has wide range of "Gazebos and Pergola Designs" for covered sitting on your terrace or outdoor space allowing you to enjoy your terrace in all weather condition. 



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