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Studio Machaan offers complete solution to your terrace garden needs. Our terrace garden designers offers exclusive terrace garden designs and outdoor garden / terrace products in Delhi. 

Proper and well thought of Outdoor Lighting systems can give an aesthetic touch your Outdoors and Terrace Gardens.Outdoor Lighting plays an important role in creating a mood in the environment and lifting up the spirits. There are different ways in which lighting systems can be incorporated in a Terrace garden or any outdoor space.


Our Terrace Garden Designers are well equipped to plan and execute a proper Outdoor Lighting System for our clients. We have a vast repository for Outdoor Lights -

  • Uplighter's for Outdoor Garden & Terrace

  • Downlighters for Outdoor Garden & Terrace

  • Cove Lights for Outdoor Garden & Terrace

  • Pergola / Gazebo Lights

  • Swimming Pool Lights

  • Emergency / Exit Lights

Along with effective Lighting solutions Studio Machaan also incorporates "Outdoor Lighting" with "Automation" . Automation brings convenience and luxury where you can access all your lighting systems at a click of a button through remote controls / mobile devices. 

Outdoor Garden & Terrace Products

Outdoor Garden & Terrace Products


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