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Terrace Garden Designers and Outdoor Terrace Products, Delhi

How To Make A Luxury Terrace Garden

If you are blessed with luxury of space in terms of terrace gardens then the urban concrete walls cannot hold you from having your very own “nature” at your home. Having a well designed and curated terrace garden at your home is like a treat for the eyes as well as a boon for the inhabitants.

It’s quite unfair when a huge space like a terrace is left barren. If we look at it minutely a terrace - irrespective of the size - can be utilised in the most luxurious, beautiful and magnificent manner possible.

To bring about the best in your terrace garden one needs to utilise it to it's maximum potential. How does one do that? What can we do to design / make a luxury terrace garden?

Firstly we need to get rid of the misconception that a terrace garden is only about plants and grass. As home owners and as terrace garden designers one needs to understand that a barren terrace is similar to a plain canvas ready to be embellished and beautified. There are a lot of elements that can be incorporated to make your terrace opulent.

With careful planning and designing your outdoors can imbibe the comforts of your indoors. Luxury can be defined by magnificence, comfort, ease, splendour, indulgence, grandeur, bliss and embellishments. All these aspects can be included in your terrace garden to make it luxurious.

Comfort : Develop your own relaxing zone by designing an outdoor sitting zone on your terrace. Would it not be amazing to have your morning sip of coffee amidst freshness of greenery surrounding you? A beautifully designed raised deck with steps making your way towards outdoor open air sitting become your gateway from a hectic day at work or home. Make this corner opulent by adding rich stone wall murals and statues around the sitting.

Go in for different sitting zones. Being one of the most sort after providers of outdoor furniture in Delhi we suggest using a combination of different outdoor furniture. You can have fixed furniture for a big gathering or some loose outdoor furniture in groups of two or three for a small gathering. A dining zone on a terrace garden will also add an element of luxury to your terrace. A separate lounge and dinning area makes the space more visually spacious as well as functional.

Covered Add Ons : How about enjoying the drizzle and the aromatic flowers sitting under a covered outdoor sitting? Designing a covered sitting on a terrace increases the functionality of the space. Pergolas and gazebos becomes an artistic way of covering your outdoor sitting zones. These outdoor covered structures can further be enhanced with beautiful creepers.

Splendour : Rooftop spaces present a unique atmosphere for entertaining and relaxing with friends and family. Throwing an open air party where your guests are surrounded by greenery under twinkling stars or soothing sun rays of winter afternoon will make your terrace garden an enchanting party venue. Equip your terrace garden with well curated bar-be-que, an open air kitchen along with a buffet counter for a lavish display.

Install a well designed and visually appealing terrace bar equipped with proper storage. A terrace bar will add on to the fun and fervour to your solitude as well as to your parties.

Bliss : Reading your favourite book on your terrace garden on winter evening with an outdoor fireplace beside you will revive the old world charm. Dedicating a corner of your terrace to an outdoor waterfall or a cascade will lure you to your terrace on summers. The warmth from the fireplace or the tranquil sound of water is an added luxurious feature for your outdoor terrace space. You may choose to go in for a modern or a traditional fireplace / waterfall according to your choice.

Indulgence : A terrace garden with a swimming pool, plunge pool or a jacuzzi surrounded with a lush greenery is nothing less than shear luxury and self indulgence. Nothing can beat the joy of having a lap in your own terrace pool or just soaking yourself in an open air jacuzzi. In addition to self indulgence a terrace pool lures you to throw some of the most fun summer pool parties in town.

Magnificence : Utilise your terrace to it's maximum potential by designing a functional utility zone on your terrace garden. You can develop a covered gym on your terrace garden. Exercising in the lap of nature with your treadmill facing green plants rather than enclosed gyms will definitely be an add on to your exercise regime. You can even go in for a dinning room or a bedroom on a terrace - whether enclosed or with a retractable roof.

Accessories and Embellishments : Just like your indoors you can accessorise your outdoor space too. One can choose from a plenty of garden accessories and embellishments. Apart from lush green plants we can also go in for vertical landscaping. Green walls or vertical landscaping will be an addition to the concept of and the essence of designing a terrace garden. A vertical green wall adorned with real plants or artificial green panels will enhance the beauty of a barren wall as well as your terrace garden. Add ons like wall murals, garden statues, rich and elegant mosaic flooring patterns amplifies the beauty of your outdoors.

Grandeur : Carefully planned and meticulously installed Outdoor lighting systems is what you need to compliment the beauty of your terrace garden at dawn and night. Outdoor lighting can be turned into a luxurious aspect of your terrace by going in for automated systems where you can create grandeur of lights and different moods with just click of a button.

If you have the space then don’t delay any further in converting your terrace into a beautiful and charming terrace garden. Get help of professional terrace garden designers, put in your creativity and do wonders with your terrace.



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