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Terrace Garden Designers and Outdoor Terrace Products, Delhi

Things You Will Need For A Terrace Party

A party or a get together on a terrace is an inn thing these days. You must have been a part of many such terrace garden parties thrown by your friends probably at the homes or on a restaurant terrace. However, there is no better grandeur than having a party on the rooftop of your own house. Nothing can be compared to the charm of being a host of a wonderful outdoor garden party. If you have the space then all you need to do it just utilise it well. Terrace garden designers in Delhi have listed a few suggestions for the new host out here.

1. A Well Designed Terrace

No matter how much cliche this might sound but this is the first and foremost pre-requisite of throwing a terrace party. Terraces are often left out to be barren by the home owners. One needs to utilise this space to turn it into a green paradise. As per terrace designers in Delhi there are many exclusive designs that be incorporated in your rooftop.

3. Decide on a theme

When a party is based on a theme it sounds interesting to the guests as well as the host is also focussed on one particular type of decoration based on the theme which makes it easier for him or her to plan the decor.

3. Terrace Bar

Another very important pre-requisite of a terrace garden party. No party can be successful without a well equipped terrace bar with proper storage, sink and ice chiller unit.

4. Proper Seating Arrangement

You cannot make your guest keep standing for a long time. That doesn't gives a good impression on you as a host. When planning the designing of your terrace planning for sufficient seating arrangement is required to be made by the terrace garden designers. You can have a mix of fixed sitting as well as loose furniture - outdoor tables and chairs, sun bed for lounging, bar stools around the bar.

5. Outdoor Lighting

The day light will be enough to have a day time party but if you plan to call the guests in the evening see that you have made the perfect lighting arrangements. Floor lights, lights under the deck, pedestal lights, lights in the wall niches, wall up lighters are a few permanent lighting arrangements to be made. Apart from this you can increase up the lighting quotient by adding lanterns, candles, diyas, electrical candles, fairy lights etc.

6. Decide on a Menu

Why are people coming to your party. It's all about the venue, food, drinks. Menu planning is the foremost step of planning a party. Manu can be based on the theme you choose - a particular cuisine or can be an elaborate four course meal or may be just a combination of some delectable snacks, drinks followed by a display of desert which can't be avoided at all.

7. Decor of the Party

Enliven your outdoor party by accessorising it with colourful party props or decor elements like having a photo booth, colourful upholstery for outdoor furniture or may be just cushions with colourful patterns, drapes around the pergola or gazebo if you have any, creating a make belief cabana, bouquet of flowers on the tables etc

8. Bar Be Cue

Barbecue and outdoor grill becomes the very focus of any party. One idea perfect for outdoor get-togethers is grilled kebabs.

9. Cooling & Misting Systems

You may always not have a breezy weather to fan your guests. So, in that case, see that your guests do not perspire in the sweltering heat. Have coolers and table fans to cool your guests. Or install a one time solution - misting system.

10. Ready Your Playlist

Music, songs and a perfect playlist is all you need to keep your guest completely entertained. So, make a playlist of what songs will be play and make arrangements for the sound system - proper sound bar or a bluetooth speaker - whatever goes fine with you.

All the best for a perfect outdoor party on your terrace garden.


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