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artificial grass & vertical green panels

Studio Machaan is a team of experienced terrace garden designers offering terrace garden designs & outdoor garden / terrace products in Delhi. We also offer a wide range of artificial grass and vertical green panels in Delhi. 

A touch of greenery in the form of plants and grass completes the entire look of a Terrace Garden. However, applying natural grass is a cumbersome process and requires lot of maintenance. This is where Artificial Grass comes to our rescue. As terrace garden designers we will provide variety of Artificial Grass carpets in Delhi.

Why Choose "Studio Machaan Artificial Grass"?

  • The artificial grass provided by us conforms the industry standards.

  • Our Artificial grass is light weight so it doesn't add much of load to the existing building load.

  • Our artificial grass is offers a beautiful and long-lasting landscaping solution for your Terrace garden / Outdoor Space. An artificial carpet grass is always resistant to adverse climatic conditions

  • The best feature about artificial grass is that although its synthetic but it resembles and feels like natural grass and is available in different textures.

  • Studio Machaan Artificial grass is easy to install and can be installed on any surface.

  • Our wide range of artificial grass is completely dust and maintenance free. It doesn't require any regular watering or manuring.

With Studio Machaan Greenery is not limited to only grass. We give a character to your walls through artificial vertical green panels / vertical garden. 

Outdoor Garden & Terrace Products


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