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Outdoor and garden furniture 

Day Bed & Sun Bed |bar furniture |chairs & tables|dinning|lounge swing chairs

As Terrace Garden Designers Studio Machaan provides terrace garden designs & outdoor garden / terrace products in Delhi. Our range of Outdoor Furniture will be apt for your terrace and garden. 

Outdoor furniture is an essential element without which a terrace garden is incomplete. Over the years garden furniture has evolved as a style statement.

Outdoor Garden & Terrace Products

Considering, the outside is way tougher than the inside, our outdoor furniture is functionally superior with unsurpassed quality. Studio Machaan has a wide range of artistic outdoor garden furniture in Delhi which lends a touch of beauty and character to your terrace garden and enhances the functionality of the space. As terrace garden designers Studio Machaan provides an exclusive range of Outdoor Garden and Terrace Furniture in Delhi.

Why choose Studio Machaan Outdoor Furniture ? 

Apt for your Terrace / Garden : The design and appeal of our Outdoor Terrace / Garden Furniture is such that it will compliment the grandeur of your Terrace Garden. 


Comfort & Luxury : Our outdoor furniture is specially designed and crafted to imbibe the comfort of the indoors and also to provide utmost luxury to your outdoor sitting. 

Increases Functionality : As terrace garden designers we understand the various outdoor sitings that can be created on your terrace. We offer a varied range of outdoor furniture in Delhi & NCR which suits all requirements of a terrace garden or a simple lawn. Weather you need a dinning furniture or a lounging chair by the pool we have it all. Our wide range of garden furniture will make your terrace all the more functional and usable. 

Variety of Furniture Style : We offer a wide range of outdoor garden furniture for your terrace or garden. You can choose from our varied range that suits all your outdoor sitting requirements. Ranging from outdoor Day bed & Sun Bed; outdoor chairs, sofa sets and tables ; lounge & swing chairs ; outdoor bar furniture - bar chairs, stools and tables. 

Maintenance Free : As terrace designers we aware of the rough outdoor conditions and its ill effects on outdoor products. Keeping in mind this severity our Outdoor furniture requires no / very less maintenance. Our garden / terrace furniture is totally fuss free requiring not much attention in terms of cleaning. 

Durable : Cladded with maintenance free, rust free and corrosion free material we provide the most durable Outdoor Furniture in Delhi & NCR which is a perfect option for an outdoor terrace sitting. 

Cozy Upholstery : Our range of outdoor garden furniture comes with weather proof upholstery available in different patterns and colours along with cozy cushions. 

Our Range of Outdoor Furniture : Day Bed  | Sun Bed | Bar Furniture | Chairs, Sofa, Dinning set, Tables | Lounge & Swing Chairs | Outdoor Umbrella


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