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Terrace Garden Designers and Outdoor Terrace Products, Delhi

Balcony Garden Decor Ideas & Tips

If you dont have a huge terrace space this should not stop you from having your own green space in your house. You can fully utilise your balconies to create that very own green space for yourself. According to expert terrace garden designers a balcony can be given that out of the box makeover rather than just placing a few green plants. Here are a few balcony garden decor tips for you.

1. Space Constraint ? Go for a Coffee Table

Maybe you can’t bring a dining table there but that does not mean you can not opt for an alternative, a small coffee table, and a chair or two so that you can sip a coffee and read your favourite book outdoors

2. Outdoor Furniture

In case of terrace garden designs there are plenty of outdoor furniture options to choose from. However due to space constraints in the balcony the scope reduces. Fret not, we still have a solution for that. According to our expert rooftop designers the furniture and design you choose should also take account of your requirements. If you want to utilise your balcony as a place to laze around then ottomans are a perfect idea. Hammocks, swings are a pleasing options that fit into a small space. A set of two chairs with a small peg table / outdoor table in the center makes a perfect outdoor sitting corner.

3. Vertical Gardens - Real and Artificial

For a balcony space creating a vertical garden is like an essential decor element. According to terrace garden designers vertical landscaping is the new upcoming feature which is really gained importance due to the aesthetics it brings to the space. You can either go in for real vertical landscaping or even artificial vertical landscaping. While both have their own pros and cons the choice entirely is yours.

4. Play with the Flooring

According to expert rooftop terrace garden designers instead, of tiles, a simple floor and rug on it, use artificial grass / carpet carpet or turf rug imitating the lawn. You can also use wooden tiles for a better look, this will give a beautiful look to your balcony.

5. Planters

It is recommended to use planters of considerably large size so that your plants have enough space to develop. Hanging planters are also ideal option to have that extra floor space.

6. Accessorise your balcony

Terrace designers have suggested a range of garden accessories or garden products that can be incorporated in your balcony to highlight the space and make it more vibrant. Use garden sculptures, wall murals or reliefs, lanterns, waterfalls, tables with candle stands or even a artistic painting on the wall.

Use these balcony garden decor tips to highlight your little green space and turn it into a wonderful space.


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