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A Terrace Garden is more than just a patch of greenery and a few plants. In order to unleash the potential of a Terrace Garden one needs to accessorise it with a lot of Garden / Terrace Products.  Garden Products or Accessories enhances the functionality of your terrace garden / lawn or any open space.

Studio Machaan is a group of creative Terrace garden designers in Delhi. Our terrace designers are well equipped to provide you with Exclusive Terrace Garden and Outdoor Products in Delhi. Adding a garden element spruces the overall appeal, look, style and usage of a space that was once given least importance. As a One Stop Solution Studio Machaan offers a wide range of customised and exquisite garden products that will enhance the beauty of your outdoors. 

>> Terrace Bar 

How about a Well Equipped Bar at your Terrace or Garden? Would not it be perfect for any open air party or even a family get-together? Our terrace designers can design an unique and a well equipped terrace bar that will incorporate all the elements required in a usual bar along with a weather proof outdoor cladding. Along with a bar what needed next is a Griller for barbecue and of course a buffet area to display all the delicacies. 

Contact our Terrace Garden Designers & Get a Terrace Bar Now ! To know more Click Here > Outdoor / Terrace Bars

Terrace / Outdoor Bar, Delhi
Pergola, Gazebo, Machaan in Delhi

>> Pergola / Gazebo 

Both Gazebo and Pergola are a garden features / structures that provide shade to an outdoor sitting, patio, swimming pool or even a walkway. Only difference being that a Pergola has a semi covered roof with alternate openings and Gazebo is like a stand alone garden structure with a covered roof build on a raised platform. Studio Machaan designs and constructs these garden structures which acts like a protection from extreme weather conditions thereby increasing the usability of the space.


Our terrace garden designers will design an artistic Gazebo or Pergola for you. To know more Click Here >> Pergolas & Gazebos

>> Outdoor and Garden Furniture

How can a Terrace garden be complete without outdoor sitting - weather fixed or loose. When it comes to Outdoor Furniture then Studio Machaan offers a wide range of artistic outdoor furniture in Delhi. Our Outdoor Furniture brings the comfort of the indoors to your outdoors. It  is specially designed and crafted to provide you utmost comfort & luxury along with increasing the usability of the space. We offer a wide range of outdoor terrace and garden furniture : Outdoor Chairs, Dinning Sets, Sofas, Bar Furniture, Swimming Pool Furniture, Lounge Chairs and much more. 

Contact us and get the perfect and maintenance free outdoor furniture in Delhi Now ! Click Here to know More >>  Outdoor Furniture 

Outdoor Furniture in Delhi
Artificial Grass, Terrace Designers in Delhi

>> Artificial Grass / Turf


Artificial Grass is a maintenance free alternative for real grass. As terrace garden designers Studio Machaan offers a wide range of Artificial Grass / Carpet Grass in Delhi which resembles real grass, is easy to install and requires less or no maintenance.

Contact our terrace designers and we will get Artificial grass installed at your terrace or outdoor space. 

Click here to know more about our range of carpet grass : Artificial Grass

>> Artificial Vertical Landscaping 


Why keep your walls bare and boring when you can go in for Vertical Landscaping. A green wall is is like a feast for the eyes. It becomes all the more better if Vertical Greenery is hassle and maintenance free. Artificial Vertical Greenery / Landscaping is the alternate solution to designing a maintenance free green wall. Our terrace garden designers provide end to end solution in terms of installation of a Vertical Garden.  

Contact our team of terrace garden designers and they will surprise you will unique designs of vertical gardens.To know more about our wide range of Artificial Vertical Green Panels Click Here >>  Vertical Garden / Landscaping

Vertical landscaping, Vertical Garden in Delhi

>>  Outdoor Waterfall & Swimming Pool

Add a few water features like Waterfall and Terrace Pool to your terrace and get mesmerised with the beauty that water elements can bring in to your terrace garden or a open space. Studio Machaan specialises in designing exclusive waterfalls and swimming pools that will match with the decor of your terrace. 

Our team of terrace garden designers to get an exclusive outdoor waterfall or a terrace pool. Click Here to Know More >>  Outdoor Waterfall & Terrace Pool

>> Real Grass & Real Vertical Landscaping 


If you are a traditional free lover then nothing can surpass the appeal of real grass / real vertical garden. Our team of terrace designers offers complete solution in terms of installation of real grass as well vertical landscaping. 

Waterfall, swimming pool for terrace garden
Terrace Garden Designers in Delhi

>>  Outdoor Fireplace

Nothing can beat the coziness of an outdoor / terrace fireplace on winter evenings. Why not bring that coziness to your outdoors as well? Our terrace garden designers offers a wide range of  exclusively designed Outdoor Fireplace in Delhi that perfectly matches your taste and style statement. 

Contact our terrace garden designers to Know More or click here >> Outdoor Terrace Fireplace

>> Planters


Why go in for traditional / boring planters  when our terrace designers can offer their dose of creativity in designing the most exclusive Garden Planters in Delhi that will give a totally different look to your rooftop garden or lawn. for your plants. Contact Studio Machaan to get some exclusive and artistic Garden Planters. Click Here to Know More >> Garden Planters

Outdoor Terrace fireplace, Delhi
Garden Planters in Delhi
Wall Murals in Delhi / Terrace Designers in Delhi

>> Wall Murals 


Another way to accessorise your terrace garden and outdoors is to highlight the walls with beautifully carved magnificent Wall Murals that speak of themselves. 

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