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Terrace Garden Designers and Outdoor Terrace Products, Delhi

Keep Your Garden Green and Healthy - Some Lawn Care Tips

By Studio Machaan : Terrace Garden Designers & Outdoor Garden Products In Delhi

If you are a green lover then we know how precious your grass and plants can be for you. We also know how much time and effort you much be putting into nurturing these green elements of your lawn or a terrace garden. A real grass requires lot of maintenance as compared to artificial grass.

We will be sharing a few tips that you can follow to keep your garden green and healthy.

1. Soil PH Levels

Terrace Garden Designers in Delhi

For a healthy lawn and a healthy grass growth a healthy soil PH is a necessary factor. An idea soil PH level is between 5 and 7. Before you start growing your grass you need to get your soil PH level checked.

Test your Soil PH Level with an interesting home technique.

Take garden soil from different parts of your garden. Put about 2 teaspoon in two different bowls / containers. Add 1/2 cup vinegar to one of the container. If it fizzes out then your soil is alkaline with a PH level between 7 -8.

Now add water to the other container just enough to make the soil muddy. Add 1/2 cup baking soda. If it fizzes out then your soil is acidic with a PH between 5 -6.

Once you know your soil PH level then you can add additives to improve the soil PH Level. Two common additives are Sulphate and Lime.

2. Native Grass

Terrace Designers in delhi

Choose your grass wisely. As terrace garden designers our advice for a lush green garden / lawn with a healthy grass is to always choose a grass variety that is native and local so that it can adapt to the weather and climatic conditions of your place.

3. Mowing Tips

Terrace Garden Designers, Delhi

Mow your lawn before grass reaches its mowing height. Each type of grass has a different mowing height. The key here is to mow the grass when it reaches the one third or more of the suggested mowing height.

Mower Blade :

Sharpen your mower blade as a dull blade can tear the grass instead of cutting it.

Mowing Directions

Terrace Designers

Mow is different directions and patterns. By mowing in varied directions you ensure a more uniform cut, an upright growth pattern and reduce soil compaction.

4. Water Requirements

Real Grass for Terrace Garden

One of the most important facto in cultivating a healthy grass for your lawn or terrace garden is Watering the grass. Watering requirements depend on the climatic conditions and the humidity levels in your place. Watering the plants every day - once in morning and one in evening is a good practice.

5. Aerate the Soil

Terrace Garden Designers

Over time the soil in your or terrace garden becomes compacted, reducing the air pockets that allow nutrients and water to reach the roots of your grass. To combat this, make sure your lawn is aerated annually. Spring is an ideal time to do this as it gives your lawn / garden the best chance to the receive the nutrients and water it needs to grow healthy all season long.

6. Deal with Bare Spots

Terrace Garden Maintenance

You may notice a few bare spots in your well maintained garden. As terrace garden designers we know how disappointing this can be for a green lover. We have a solution for this problem. Flushing the bare spot with water, rake out any dead grass, then level it out with sand and soil. Next step is to re-seed with your grass variety and water regularly until the new grass is fully established.

We hope that our efforts as Terrace Garden Designers in providing these few tips prove to be helpful for all the green enthusiasts.


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