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Terrace Garden Designers and Outdoor Terrace Products, Delhi

Elements of a Terrace Garden


Terrace Garden is the most under-utilised space of your house. If given due consideration your terrace can be turned into your personal retreat  A terrace design should involve more than just plain green grass or growing plants. From a viewpoint of terrace garden designers a lot of garden elements that can be incorporated into your terrace for a better space utilisation.

We have listed down a few terrace garden products that a good terrace garden designer would incorporate in your terrace design :


1. Terrace Bar / Outdoor Bar



well designed and quipped terrace bar with proper storage is all you need to celebrate special occasions or just have an alone time in the lap of nature.


2. Outdoor Sitting / Sit-outs 




Outdoor sittings become your gateway from a hectic day at work or home. Having your cup of coffee at your own terrace with greenery surrounding you is nothing less than experiencing calmness


3. Pergola / Gazebo 



A covered outdoor sitting is much better and functional. An outdoor sitting under a pergola or a gazebo lets you enjoy your terrace in all weather conditions. Where pergolas are supported on pillars gazebos are free standing structures.


4. Outdoor Furniture 


How can a terrace be complete without adding Outdoor / Garden furniture. However, it is not limited to just chairs and tables. You can go in for a variety of options like a comfortable daybed, lounge chair, bar stools, outdoor standing swing, garden chairs and tables, coffee tables and much more


5. Outdoor Fireplace 


Adding a rustic outdoor fireplace or a modern fireplace to your terrace is a comfortable getaway for winter evenings. 


6. Outdoor Waterfalls and Swimming Pool 


Mesmerising waterfall and swimming pool designs are a few water features that bring in tranquility to your outdoors and also add luxury to the space.


7. Vertical Garden 


Greenery is not limited to grass or plants. Designing a wall with vertical greenery becomes a focal point of your terrace garden. 


8. Artificial or Real Grass 


Adding green elements is inevitable for a terrace garden. While real grass has its own charm one can also go in for artificial turf / grass. Artificial grass feels like real grass, adds less weight and also is maintenance free.


9. Outdoor Lighting 


A properly planned outdoor lighting is all you need to set an aura in the environment. 


Studio Machaan : Terrace Garden Designers, Delhi


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Elements of a Terrace Garden

April 16, 2017

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